Our Staff

The staff at the Mountain Road Trading Post includes the owners and a few very experienced employees (and friends). George & Penny Beaumont, Shawn Roche and Evan Kenney are all very knowledgeable about materials, designs, modifications and repairs, roof racks (& installation), car topping, kayak fishing, safety, paddling & rescue techniques and more. We not only sell canoes and kayaks and accessories but we actually use and install them. Our main objective is to have you be assured that we will help you select the right product(s) for your paddling objectives.

George Beaumont

George Beaumont is the principle owner/operator of the Mountain Road Trading Post. His experience with all aspects of water-sports (canoeing, kayaking, sailing, boating, scuba diving, lifesaving and first aid) go back to his extensive training as a very young man in his late teens. He was trained by the American Red Cross and is certified to teach all levels of ARC instruction. He served as a rescue diver for several years as well as a lifeguard and water front counselor & instructor. His first involvement with paddling instruction was at age 16 as an instructor for the Boy Scouts of America at Camp Onway – coincidentally also in Raymond where the MRTP is located. After 26 years with a High Tech Defense contractor, George left the corporate world for the lure of self employment to open the Mountain Road Trading Post. George recently turned 66 and after 24 years at MRTP he still loves what he does.

Penny Beaumont


Penny Beaumont is the sole partner and co-owner of the Mountain Road Trading Post. Penny’s initiatives, planning, organizing & customer service skills are preeminent in every aspect of the company. Penny enjoys calm water paddling and boating and has been involved with these activities since marrying George in 1980. Her involvement has been extremely influential to the development and progress of the business and her continued input will assure on-going success and customer satisfaction.

Evan Kenney


Our good friend, co-worker and master of many talents – Evan Kenney – died in an accident on April 11, 2015.

Evan had been working and helping out at the Mountain Road Trading Post for over 7 years. He was the son of an old friend of the owners – and we had known each other for many years. Evan was a very good mechanic and did a lot of repair work with customers boats and motors. He was a knowledgeable boater and kayaker. He also enjoyed ATV’s and 4 wheeling. He understood kayak design, materials, safety, accessories and all other aspects of the sport. His friendship and contribution to MRTP during the past years was unsurpassable.

He will be in our memories forever and will be sorely missed.

Shawn Roche

Although Shawn Roche has been involved as a partner at our second location (Northwood) for many years. He is now an invaluable employee at our Raymond location and independent Kayaking Instructor. Shawn is an avid paddler, blogger, Tournament kayak ‘fisher’ and Professionally Certified Kayak Instructor by the American Red Cross. His blog nickname of ‘Ruffwater’ shows the extent and confidence in which he is comfortable paddling. Shawn is a good personal friend of the owners, has been helping out with absolutely anything that’s been needed for many years. His personality, knowledge and approach to Introductory/Recreational Kayaking and Kayak fishing & Safety has been extremely well received by every customer he has ever worked with.