Escape sailboat parts

Mountain Road Trading Post was an authorized dealer of Escape Sailboats and parts before the manufacturer stopped making them.

The Escape Sailboat Company was formed out of a deeply held belief that sailing could become instinctive, intuitive, and self-taught, thus the user-friendly sailboat revolution began.

Although these Escape Sailboats are no longer available, we still have the following parts available:

  • sails
  • rudder blades
  • tillers (rudder handles)
  • rudder cheeks (or head)
  • tilt assist springs & pin
  • centerboards (swing keels)
  • complete rudder assemblies
  • rigging instructions/owners manuals

Please include the MODEL NAME (Solsa, Escape 9, Mambo, Mango, Captiva, Rumba or Escape 12) and, for sails, whether the mast is aluminum or carbon fiber.