We will be hosting the 2019 Ken Rauseo Memorial bass Tournament on Saturday June 15. Fishing will be from 7 am – 2 pm with an awards party to follow at the Mountain Road Trading Post.

We will be giving away two kayaks. 1st Place – Lunker (longest) and second Place (top three longest combined) bass. Third Place will be ‘High Hook’ (most bass over 12″).

This is a ‘catch, photo and release’ (CPR) format so all participants will need a measuring Board and Camera.

We issued a package of various colored dots when you signed up. Please read the below message & check the map and see below for the colors.

There is a serious concern for an area in South Channel, by the State Park Boat Launch that has Mil-foil. This area is clearly marked as shown by the small red square on the map below. Please do not disturb this area to include paddling into and or casting into the area. The local Weed-Watchers will be present to be sure we comply here.

Don’t help the spread of the overpowering weed!

The colored dot(s) for the head of the measuring troughs  will be Red & Green.

If you’re not coming the Awards Party please give your Card to someone to bring to us or call us at 603.895.3501 so we know you are safely off the water.